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Our methods

There are several methods to clean a carpet, rug or furniture. We demonstrate our methods in these video's.

Our prices

Rug / carpet / floor mat cleaning Price
Rug cleaning, 4.5 m2 or less €90,00 price per rug
Rug cleaning, 5 m2 or more €20,00 price per m2
Anti-flea/lice/moth treatment €50,00 price per rug
Anti-allergies treatment €45,00 price per rug
Anti-urine/odourtreatment €35,00 price per rug
Fire retardend service €45,00 price per rug
Fire retardend service with certificate €57,50 price per rug
Removal of chewing gum or candle wax €15,00 price per rug
Waterdamage treatment €50,00 price per rug
Repairs Variates price per rug
Carpet cleaning (deepcleaning floor carpeting at home) Price
Carpet cleaning 30 m2 or less starting rate €150,00 - €200,00
Carpet cleaning 50 m2 or less €5,25 price per m2
Carpet cleaning 50 m2 or more €4,75 price per m2
Stair cleaning €75,00 in combination with other services
Rent dehumidifier (in case of waterdamage) €85,00 price per week
Furniture cleaning Price
Sofa €35,00 Price per seat
Chair, fully covered with fabric €35,00
Chair (diningchair) partially covered €20,00
Carseat €45,00 Price per seat
Other Please send us a message
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